Vorteile des UPOV-Systems


Canadian cherry growers benefit from government policy

See how the Government of Canada uses PVP to improve the livelihood of Canadian cherry growers

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Rose industry blooming in Kenya

Discover how the UPOV system enabled Kenya to develop a
$500 million cut-flower industry that employs 500,000 Kenyans


A new rice variety bringing increased income for farmers in Japan



Using the UPOV system to benefit custodians of native wild germplasm in Argentina


The role of PVP in the development of a new blackberry variety that improves farmers’ working conditions.


How PVP enabled a public breeder to ensure a supply of high quality onion seed to farmers
Transcriptions:  FR, DE

Ashiro Rindo (Japan)

The story of a group of smallholder rice farmers that used PVP to develop an international flower business

A Colour for All Seasons

hffa_study_vietnam UPOV-Bericht über die Auswirkungen des Sortenschutzes Symposium on Plant Breeding for the Future (2011)

Socio-economic benefits of UPOV membership in Viet Nam; An ex-post assessment on plant breeding and agricultural productivity after 10 years (Corresponding author:  Steffen Noleppa) by HFFA Research GmbH

UPOV-Bericht über die Auswirkungen des Sortenschutzes



Symposium über Pflanzenzüchtung für die Zukunft (2011)

Seminar über Sortenschutz und Technologietransfer: Vorteile öffentlich-privater Partnerschaften (2011)

Symposium über die Vorteile des Sortenschutzes für Landwirte und Pflanzer (2012)


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